last updated on: August 9, 2020
Waterbound brings together Steve Akerman and Mimi Geibel with an unusual combination of instruments.  Playing mandolin and autoharp, they will tug at your emotions with that Celtic sense of longing, wonder and joy.  Their music travels the high seas of the restless heart; from the British Isles, and round the Horn to San Francisco.  From rollicking sea chanteys to melodies of love and longing, they will carry you on a journey of life, passion and fiddle tunes.
Shebeg Shemore, O'Carolan
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Recent Appearances:

Willamette Valley Autoharp Gathering
Antique Sandwich Company, Tacoma
Tumbleweed Festival
Center for Wooden Boats Festival
Yakima Folklfe Festival
Olympia Harbor Days
East Stanwood Street Fair
McGoo's Pub, Tacoma
The Urban Onion, Olympia
Steve Akerman and Mimi Geibel
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