This is such a bouncy tune; I can see a lively dance....

In the first sections (A-parts) there are "pop ups;" bouncy little three-note figures that jump up and back, (la LA la).  First one, then 3 more, then one.
     You can do a little jump on each one,     on the high note.  Repeat. 

Then in the next sections (the B parts) there are what I call "dips;" 4- note descending runs (Deedle-De-Dum).   First one, then two more; then another one.       You can do a little bow or dip on each,     starting  on the highest (first) note.  

(There's one last one where it sounds almost like a dip, but isn't; be sure not to dip there.....).  Repeat.
Try dividing into two groups; some just keep doing it, while others attempt to              "dip" on the "pop-ups" and "pop up" on the "dips." 

Have fun!
The Puncheon Floor Dance
animated gifs (c) Kitty Roach
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